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Polish Workers Fatal Accident

Polish Worker’s Fatal Accident

MD was instructed to represent the interests of the family of a Polish mechanic who was working in Staffordshire and was killed in a road traffic accident when the Astra van in which he was a passenger was struck by the steps to the driver’s cab of a lorry that crossed the path of the Astra van. The lorry cab steps came into the van on the van’s passenger side, hitting the Polish mechanic, snapping his seat and killing him instantly. Mike represented the interests of the deceased’s at the Inquest into his death and following evidence given at the Inquest it was established that the accident was in no way the fault of the Astra van driver, that the lorry driver was driving too fast and his lorry did not have a properly functioning speed limiter on it and that the lorry driver committed to turn uphill across the path of the Astra van when it was unsafe to do so. Following a visit to Poland to see the deceased’s son, sister and grandparents, MD collated evidence to submit a claim for the loss of the breadwinner of the Polish family to the lorry driver’s insurers of over £100,000.

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