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Criminal Injuries

Criminal Injury Solicitors

Our personal injury specialists regularly assist clients in making criminal injury claims and obtaining compensation.

What Makes an Injury a ‘Criminal’ Injury?

A criminal injury is one you have sustained during a direct attack of which you were the victim, or an injury you have suffered as a direct result of illegal action carried out by another person.

You can be given compensation for your injuries even if the perpetrator of the crime was never caught, charged or convicted.

Can I Claim?

You could be entitled to compensation if you meet the following criteria:

  • You were seriously injured
  • You were the blameless victim of a crime in England or Wales (this includes attacks)
  • You reported the crime to the police as soon as you were able and cooperated fully with all subsequent investigations

Your claim must be registered within two years of the crime’s occurrence.

Fairly Recent Changes to the Law

The government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme was heavily revised in 2012. In short, these changes made it much more difficult for victims of criminal injuries to obtain compensation – particularly those who have sustained injuries that are considered “minor” from a legal perspective.

Those who have suffered serious injuries are now the only types of victims who are likely to be successful in securing compensation.

It is hugely important that you seek the advice of an expert personal injury lawyer if you are considering making a claim – and certainly before you try to begin the process.

Discuss Your Case with Sheldon Davidson Solicitors

We have extensive experience in handling criminal injury cases and are ready to help you make a claim if you have been seriously injured and fit the criteria listed above.

Give us a call on 0333 999 8800 to find out whether or not you are entitled to make a claim. Alternatively, fill in the claim form at the top of page and we will get back to you quickly.