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Accidents at Work

Employers are legally obligated to provide safe working environments for all staff. Unfortunately, not all live up to their responsibilities.

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors may be able to help you if you’ve suffered an injury at work. We believe that everyone should be able to carry out their work without having to worry about their personal safety.

In order to make a claim, the incident must have been caused by your employer’s actions – or lack of. If you were at fault for the accident, you will not be entitled to make a claim.

Workplace accidents commonly occur when…

  • An employer does not provide the relevant training for a piece of equipment and/or a procedure

  • An employer does not provide workers with the relevant safety equipment (faulty safety equipment counts as no safety equipment)

  • An employer fails to put up warning signs around hazards (such as liquid spillages), or fails to section off slipping or tripping hazards

Your employer is legally obliged to insure you against accidents at work, so that if an accident does happen for whatever reason, you are suitably compensated for your injuries. If it turns out that your employer has not insured you, it is highly unlikely that you will be compensated.

We can also help you make a claim if you’ve contracted an industrial disease (which includes repetitive strain injuries, upper limb disorders, and many more conditions caused by unsound working conditions). It’s important that you make your claim as quickly as possible. You have a three-year deadline from the date of the accident to begin your claim. If you have contracted an industrial disease which did not immediately become apparent, your deadline is three years from the date of diagnosis.

Our expert lawyers can help.