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Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Daniel was 21 years old when he was driving his motorcycle on a dark dry night in January 2011. The Defendants pulled out of a side road in front of him causing a collision. Daniel was thrown over the handlebars, slid along the road, hitting his head against the passenger side of the Defendants vehicle.

Daniel sustained a closed fracture to the right humerus, 6 broken ribs with a punctured lung, severe scarring, a minor head injury as well as soft tissue injuries.

Liability was accepted by the Defendant Insurers.

Daniel was due to commence a new job as an assistant motor mechanic the Monday following the accident. His injuries prevented him taking up the role which ultimately he lost out on as a consequence of his injuries. However he was able to find alternative employment 8 months later once a recovery from most of his physical injuries had been met.

Daniel made a full recovery from the head injury which caused him to suffer with memory loss for a period of 3 months from the accident.

Due to potential future problems with the right arm Daniel would be disadvantaged on the open labour market.

By way of agreed settlement, following negotiations damages were agreed at £80,000.00 which included a substantial Smith and Manchester award.

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