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Motorbike Accident

MH has experience representing clients driving a range of vehicles and sustaining a range of injuries. In one such case MH represented the driver of a Harley Davidson motorbike who was the victim of an accident with a car that had negligently driven into the rear of his bike.

As a result of the accident the motorbike rider was thrown forwards, skidding along the road with his bike not far behind him. The motorbike rider came to a stop only to have the damaged handlebar of his motorbike impale his thigh.

The accident resulted in a range of injuries to MH’s client, not least leaving him permanent paraesthesia in his thigh; although this did not prevent his client from walking it meant that he was unable to continue with his employment leaving him with a large financial loss on top of his injury.

MH successfully recovery damages for this client to compensate him for his injury as well as his financial losses and all the costs incurred in treating his injury to a manageable level to help him re-enter alternative employment.

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