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Medical negligence claims on a no win, no fee basis

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can provide assistance in medical negligence cases on a no win, no fee basis, providing a viable funding option for those worried about the cost of making a claim.

This is a service we provide when we are very confident we can win your case, and means you can put any financial worries to one side as you concentrate on dealing with the medical aspect of your problem.

Our medical negligence solicitors in Manchester will let you know very early on in the process whether a no win, no fee medical negligence case is a possibility.This means that if your case is successful you should be awarded compensation. Where successful you will usually be entitled to recover some of the costs from your opponent, while if the claim is unsuccessful we will not ask you for any payment towards our costs.

Whether or not a no win, no fee agreement is possible will depend entirely on the merits of your case, and how likely we feel it is that you will be successful in your medical negligence claim.

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence can take many forms. For example, a misdiagnosis from your GP may result in incorrect treatment that could in turn lead to extended pain for the patient. There could also be a delayed diagnosis or referral which can lead to further problems.

If you need to go to hospital, a poor standard of care may lead to your illness worsening or cause you to develop an infection. Poorly maintained or defective equipment can also be classed as medical negligence, while pharmaceutical errors are another way in which a patient’s condition may be worsened unnecessarily.

Mistakes during surgery can also have serious consequences which may make a compensation claim the best course of action.

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