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Lawyers oppose end to whiplash damages

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Lawyers oppose end to whiplash damages

Leading personal injury claimant groups have said they will resist plans from insurance firms to encourage the withdrawal of compensation awards for all whiplash victims.

Insurers have called for a debate on scrapping all damages from low-value claims, arguing that successful claimants should not receive a cash reward and only have their medical treatment and loss of income paid for directly.

Association of British Insurers head James Dalton repeated earlier requests to increase the small claims limit to £5,000 and suggested there was no need for solicitors to get involved with low value cases.

Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) chair Craig Budsworth leapt to the defence of road accident victims, saying that any compensation should factor in the effect an accident has on the claimant’s ability to carry on with their life as they previously did and not just focus on medical expenses.

He cited the example of someone who regularly goes to the gym being prevented from doing so by their injuries, and suggested it would be unfair not to provide compensation for this.

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) chief executive Deborah Evans added that giving solicitors less access to claimants was likely to lead to a rise in fraud, as personal injury lawyers would be denied the opportunity to assess the truthfulness of a client’s claim first hand.

The government has yet to schedule any debate on the manner.

Claiming compensation for whiplash

There are many honest whiplash claims made throughout the UK by people who have been genuinely affected by whiplash, and while the system remains as it is there is every chance that a sincere claim will be successful.

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors have a strong track record of assisting claimants in whiplash cases, so if you feel you have a case then call us on 0808 9000 990 for legal advice.

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