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Case Studies

Police Accident


MH represented a driver who had been the innocent victim of negligent police driving. Many solicitors had been apprehensive of bringing the driver’s claim because the police involved had been in the process of an active call. What MH appreciated, and went on to prove, is that even when on an active call the police have a duty not to put the public at unnecessary risk.

Motorbike Accident


MH has experience representing clients driving a range of vehicles and sustaining a range of injuries. In one such case MH represented the driver of a Harley Davidson motorbike who was the victim of an accident with a car that had negligently driven into the rear of his bike.

Loss of Income



JE represented a gentleman who was involved in a very serious motorbike accident. Not only did the accident involve a serious catalogue of injuries, but the effect upon the client and his family was considerable not least as it affected the running of his business and his income. A substantial part of the claim dealt with justifying his income from his company. JE was entirely successful in pursuing the claim, which involved a large loss of income and concluded a settlement of £120,000 in the client’s favour.

Slip Accident



JE represented an elderly woman who slipped in her hairdressers. She badly fractured her ankle and the long term prognosis was that the fracture would never fully heal. JE exhausted the possibility of private treatment for her, which could not be medically undertaken. However, JE managed to secure alterations to her bathroom to assist her in using this along with a scooter to allow her to have a degree of mobility. JE also managed to seek additional damages for care and assistance and recovered the cost of a holiday which had been ruined by the effects of the injury. JE managed to secure the client £26,000 in settlement.

Caught on Facebook

MD represented a client in Lancashire whose car was involved in a head- on road traffic collision with another car, when the other driver came onto the wrong side of the road when overtaking a parked vehicle. Responsibility for the accident was disputed and in a legal document verified by a signature, the other driver denied he strayed onto the wrong side of the road.

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