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Accidents on Holiday and Abroad Claims

No holidaymaker should have to worry about suffering an accident or falling ill while abroad, nor should anyone who is abroad on a work-related excursion or business trip. Sadly, many UK residents suffer accidents on holiday, which could have easily been prevented.

If you have been the victim of an accident or an illness while abroad on a package holiday, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors may be able to help you make a claim for compensation.

The Liability of Holiday Providers

Holiday accident claims are made on the basis that your tour operator or package holiday provider failed to ensure your safety. This includes instances in which they arranged for you to partake in an activity which resulted in an accident.

To make a claim, the liable party must be your tour operator or holiday provider, because the claim is made through UK courts.

If you did not book through a tour operator and a non-UK-based company is liable for the incident, you can still make a claim against them through that country’s courts, but this is often an extremely complicated, expensive and exhausting process.

We can help you make a claim for the following holiday accidents:

  • Road accidents
  • Slips on wet floors in the hotel grounds where no warning signage was provided
  • Trips or falls caused by badly maintained pathways or floors within the hotel grounds
  • Falls caused by faulty safety equipment or unsafe structures such as loose railings on stairs

Food Poisoning Compensation

Holiday accidents are not just limited to incidents which result in injuries such as those listed above. Food poisoning also falls under this bracket, because it poses a threat to your health and can cause enormous discomfort and even pain, just like the other injuries can.

Your holiday provider has a duty to ensure that any accommodation they arrange for you adheres to acceptable food hygiene standards.

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